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Sport Cooling Energizing Aloe Spritz

  • $15.00


4.0oz e 120ml

Skin Type or Conditions  

Designed for acne, oily skin, periodic acne type breakouts, and clogged pores.


Triple infused herbal tea with Aloe and Witch Hazel combine to remove excess bacteria, tone and, tighten the pores.

Can be used once or twice daily and as needed for skin hydration.

Usage Guide

Use daily as needed.

  • Spritz Aloe Spritz on face before, during, or after workouts, athletic events, games, and more.
  • Use for hydration and bacteria control.


certified organic aloe leaf juice

certified organic green tea

double steam distilled witch hazel

certified organic rosemary herb

certified organic menthol crystals

proprietary herb blend

certified organic chickweed, certified organic burdock root, certified organic angelica root, certified organic sage, certified organic thyme, certified organic yellow dock, certified organic green tea, certified organic neem leaf, certified organic ginger root,certified organic ginseng

preservative: potassium sorbate usp (salt of sorbic acid) and citric acid (derived from fruits and vegetables)

Sport Cooling Energizing Aloe Spritz
Sport Cooling Energizing Aloe Spritz
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